Regional State-Funded Institution «Agency for Tourism of Ulyanovsk Region» was established in 2016 on the basis of the Regional Culture Institution «Ulyanovsk Region Resource Center for Tourism and Services» founded in 2010.

The objectives of establishing the Agency:

  • developing tourism infrastructure and network of tourism-oriented small businesses in Ulyanovsk Region;
  • creating platform for partnership between government and private-owned tourism and catering companies in Ulyanovsk Region.

Goals of the Agency:

  • implementing tourism development measures in Ulyanovsk Region;
  • improving quality of tourism services in Ulyanovsk Region;
  • promoting tourism companies of Ulyanovsk Region both in the Russian and international travel marketplace;
  • furthering interregional ties in tourism.

One of the priorities of the Agency is to improve the investment climate in tourism and hospitality. Ulyanovsk Region has an effective mechanism of public-private partnership that includes a system of regional and municipal grant programs for distributing the tasks of creating and promoting tourist sights among local agencies and private investors.